Together with our partner - ScaleWings Aircraft GmbH - are honored to introduce to the global market the North American P-51D „Mustang” flying replica. Latest breakthroughs in computer aided design (CAD), carbon fibre breakthroughs and innovative manufacturing processes made this step possible. The result is mezmerizing: never before has an historic aircraft been replicated as a flyable replica in such detail. All proportions are perfect, with more than 100000 rivets and textures worked into the surfaces of the aicraft, blended in with a perfect aluminum chrome finishing.

The SW-51 Mustang - the attainable dream for thousands of pilots

ScaleWings SW-51 Mustang design is a scaled 70% version of the original aircraft, with a maximum take off weight (MTOW) of 750kg. It’s designed and built in technical conformity with EASA´s CS-VLA category. Its design offers superior safety features with a broad flight envelope and even a ballistic parachute system that secures the entire airframe in case of emergency. Only the most advanced materials and manufacturing processes were used to achieve the highest possible quality and technology implementation possible today. The selection of ROTAX engines´ latest Turbo powerplant, the 915iS, provides an excellent combination of performance and fuel consumption. With a service ceiling of 15000 feet the aircraft is set to cruise at speeds of around 290km/h or 156kts, with a Vne of 400km/h or 216kts allowing for steep dives for maximum joy and airshow appeal. The aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and cockpit ergonomics. It provides seating for a pilot (front seat) and a passenger (back seat) or instructor.